Healthcare Organizations


No one has been more visible than healthcare providers working on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic. Hospitals, clinics, laboratories, dialysis centers, long-term care facilities, treatment centers – every single one of them has pivoted from “business as usual” to crisis mode in a very short period of time.

COVID-19 has forced every healthcare organization in the world to change their daily routines. We know you’re working as hard as possible to keep your medical teams and staff members safe and to help patients survive; we know you want each one of them – and their families – to stay safe and connected.

By partnering with the PRN to make the Community Health Watch program available to your community, we can help you provide an even higher level of support to your healthcare teams, patients, and loved ones.

Our Community Health Watch team will monitor any symptoms of COVID-19 your patients, healthcare workers, staff and family members may be experiencing. We’ll provide them with feedback in real time so that they are encouraged to seek the care they need, when they need it most.

Further, as your hospital or treatment centers begin to ramp back up to serve more and more people, and as more communities are able to increase COVID-19 testing and begin implementing contact tracing, “close contacts” will need support, too. We can provide that safely and with the sensitivity needed.


What will it mean to partner with the PRN?

The PRN is committed to meeting the needs of vulnerable community members – particularly those in areas that have been hardest hit by COVID-19. In the coming months, a large number of communities may experience their very first outbreak of the virus, and people living there will need support.

We will work with you to make Community Health Watch available to your community.

As our partner, you will:

  • Distribute material related to your Community Health Watch program to people in your community as well as support their participation in the Community Health Watch program.
  • Contribute thought leadership to the PRN. You know the people accessing your healthcare services and resources better than anyone – our partners can learn from your challenges and your successes!
  • Have an opportunity to work with the PRN team to generate evidence for how to best help individuals in your community stay safe and connected.
  • Support the delivery of PRN services to people living in your area.


How It Works