For a lot of people, our workplaces are where we derive not just our livelihoods, but a sense of purpose and meaningful relationships.

COVID-19 has changed the way Americans do business – from running businesses to purchasing goods; from conducting meetings or providing healthcare – even the provision of services to pets or servicing of cars. Everyone, everywhere has been impacted.

We will all need to learn to navigate life outside our homes as the pandemic continues, particularly as spaces like yours reopen for business. We all remain vulnerable to exposure.

As you explore ways to reopen your particular business, you will need support to ensure that you are able to keep the people most important to you as safe, healthy and connected as possible: your staff, vendors and customers. We can help.

By partnering with us to implement a Community Health Watch program, you can provide a high level of support to your biggest assets: the people you employ and the people they serve.

We can help you keep them safe – we will monitor all those who enroll in your Community Watch Program – those who are symptom-free and feeling fine, as well as anyone who starts to show symptoms of COVID-19. And if they do start showing symptoms, we can support them from the safety of their homes or residential area by providing feedback in real time, so that they can get the right care at the right time.

We can help them feel safe and connected whether or not they are experiencing symptoms.

Further, as communities are able to increase COVID-19 testing and begin implementing contact tracing, “close contacts” will need support, too. We can provide that safely and with the sensitivity needed.


What will it mean to partner with the PRN?

The PRN is committed to meeting the needs of vulnerable community members – particularly those that are hardest hit by COVID-19. In the coming months, a large number of communities may experience their first outbreak and people living there will need support.

You and your colleagues are facing the daunting challenge of reopening for business while a global pandemic is still impacting the U.S. You may be wondering how to do this and how to help your employees, vendors, and customers stay safe and connected. We can help support the efforts you have already been making.

By partnering with us, we will work with you to establish a Community Health Watch specifically for your business.

As our partner, you will:

  • Distribute material related to your Community Health Watch program to your employees as well as support their participation in the Community Health Watch program. We can even help you support your vendors and your customers.
  • Contribute thought leadership to the PRN. You know your business better than anyone – our partners can learn from your challenges and your successes!
  • Have an opportunity to work with the PRN team to generate evidence for how to best help your employees stay safe and connected.
  • Support the delivery of PRN services to people who are touched in some way by your business – customers, clients, visitors, suppliers and other vendors.


How It Works