Welcome to the Pandemic Response Network

The Pandemic Response Network (PRN) is a network of health-based organizations, community-based organizations, state and federal agencies and associations, public and private employers, and religious organizations working together to connect people with the critical and supportive resources they need during the pandemic. PRN’s mission is to help people stay safe and connected during pandemics.

Launched in April 2020, the PRN’s principal service offering is a Community Health Watch COVID-19 symptom support program.

Community Health Watch uses a web-based survey and a team of healthcare professionals who provide feedback and guidance to participants on how to care for themselves at home. The team calls people across the United States when symptoms of COVID-19 are serious enough to seek care at a hospital or a healthcare facility.

This combination of monitoring and feedback can help anyone stay safe and connected, especially those who are isolated or who need support managing their health.

Our partners are working to promote Community Health Watch to:

  • Customers/Patients in their network service area
  • Residents of their town, city or state
  • People they employ
  • Members of their church or spiritual organization

Through our partnership network, PRN is able to bring information about relevant resources to participants who may otherwise have trouble accessing information and services. PRN is committed to meeting the needs of the most vulnerable, non-English speaking communities, and communities of color.

What is the Community Health Watch program?

Our Community Health Watch program is designed to help participants manage symptoms of COVID-19 at home and also provide guidance on when medical care is needed. The goal is to help people manage their health during the pandemic. We do this with a combination of technology and telephone interactions with trained professionals.

Community Health Watch does the following:

  • Monitor COVID-19 symptoms people may be having and provide guidance on how to care for themselves at home
  • Provide guidance on when to seek medical care if symptoms of COVID-19 worsen
  • Support people in following recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control
  • Track and monitor health status for participants who are symptom-free with no known exposure


The Community Health Watch program is open to everyone, regardless of age or where they live. Our platform utilizes a web-based survey to monitor symptoms related to COVID-19, but participants do not need to have symptoms in order to use or benefit from this program.

Program participants agree to submit their symptoms over a period of 28 days via a short online survey performed twice per day; depending on symptoms, the system provides feedback in real time as to what can/should be done as next steps.

Join Us

COVID-19 has radically altered the way people around the world do business, learn, socialize, and engage with the communities in which they live. As businesses, schools, and places of worship begin to reopen, communities will have to go to great lengths to promote wellbeing and safety.

By implementing the Community Health Watch program, together we can provide a high level of support to individuals, monitor conditions in our communities and promptly act to protect health. Engage, educate and empower the communities that you are a part of to rapidly adapt and recover. Together, we can help people in your community stay safe and connected.


What does it mean to partner with the PRN?

We are seeking partners from all types of organizations and businesses. The PRN is committed to meeting the needs of all – particularly those in vulnerable communities that are hardest hit by COVID-19. In the coming months, a large number of communities may experience their first outbreak and people living there will need support.

Your organization may be facing the daunting challenge of reopening for business while a global pandemic is still impacting the U.S. You may be wondering how to do this and how to help people stay safe and connected. We can help support the people you need the most: your neighbors, your employees, your parishioners, your constituents, your clients, your community.

Our partners will:

  • Distribute material related to Community Health Watch programs to stakeholders, members, and/or customers as well as support their participation in a Community Health Watch program and other PRN offerings
  • Contribute towards thought leadership for PRN. You know your organization better than anyone – our partners can learn from your expertise!
  • Have an opportunity to work with the PRN team to generate evidence for how to best help individuals in your community stay safe and connected
  • Support the delivery of PRN services to individuals, organizations and communities